Suspended: No Astrology Allowed

How dare they fire these professors for teaching Astrology in an Astronomy class!?

ComedyJesus tells us their stories in this Expelled parody:

Oh, Professor Cleo, they never should’ve gotten rid of you…

My favorite quotation:

“Astronomy is like AIDS to the American education system. It’s a disgrace and there is no cure.”

Immediately followed by:

“Does Astronomy kill people? You know what, that’s for you to decide… But yes.”

Up yours, Phil Plait :)

(Thanks to Ashley for the link!)

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  • Derek

    Am I angry? No–well, I’m a cancer so I’m naturally crabby…

    I enjoyed that. Thanks, Hemant.

  • Jeff Satterley

    Brilliant! I’m glad that I know now that Newton gave out razor-blade apples on Halloween.

  • Brian E

    I’m still amazed and disappointed at how stupid and ignorant Ben Stein is. I loved his little game show with Jimmy Kimmel; and I can’t comprehend how someone who possesses that much knowledge can be that ignorant. As a kid playing Dungeons and Dragons, I never really understood the difference between the Intelligence and Wisdom character abilities; Ben Stein would’ve served as the perfect example.

  • Richard Wade

    This was excellent satire. I enjoyed it. I’m sending it to my best friend who runs the telescope at the observatory where much of it was filmed. He’ll crack up.

  • Spook

    I got a good laugh out of this. Damn astronomers with their facts and evidence!

  • Katie


    You have brought great insight, humor, Ben Stein bashing, atheism, and Dungeons & Dragons together in one place.

    «sniff, tear»

    Bravo. =)

    I cannot wait to get home and watch this! My brother will love it.

  • cipher

    Brilliant. Of course, there will be two responses to this from creationists – “It’s not the same thing”, and “That’s very funny – but you’re still wrong.” Something about the way the conservative evangelical mind works; they generally don’t seem to be able to process irony.

  • Jeff

    Maybe you can have either the GOD gene or the IRONY gene turned on, but not both turned on at the same time. 😉 But I’m Aquarius, so I’ll believe anything. :)

  • David Crespo

    That is freaking fantastic.