Irony in New Orleans

Editor B on Flickr writes this caption:

Once, New Orleans was a pious and devout city. Sadly it seems Katrina has turned the city away from God…

He’s jokingly referring to a school — New Orleans Christian Academy — whose name now appears to be quite ironic


NO Christ: an Academy?

I’d attend.

Commenter howieluvzus adds that it’s better than the sign that read “F God”:


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  • Tim Van Haitsma

    I have always struggled with what to call the First Assembly of God in short hand. Is it the FAG church or First Ass. of God?

  • Nice. The sad truth is that i expect many people in New Orleans would proudly tell us that Hurricane Katrina strengthened their faith. Here in Mississippi, I’ve heard that enough to make me sick.

  • Funny stuff. (I took the first photo myself.) Anyway, as a confirmed atheist, I’m glad to discover this blog. Thanks for sharing my photo. And Vjack, I’m sure you’re right. Katrina was a powerful experience, but it’s very rare for even something of that magnitude to actually change people’s minds. In matters of faith — or lack thereof — such events tend only to deepen a person’s commitment to whatever perspective they already have, be it religious, political, whatever. Adult people changing their minds on deeply held beliefs? That’s about the rarest thing ever.