Problems on the Interwebs

I’ve been having server problems all day…

Something about MySQL and slow queries and comments. None of which made sense to me… and then WordPress was unhelpful because no one responded to my forum posting for help…

I just told my server everything was resolved (?!?) and they unsuspended my account. Yay for being sneaky.

Hopefully, it won’t go down again.

It was really wonderful to have blogger Daniel email me asking if I needed help — I took him up on it.

Because I know so little about WordPress and servers and whatnot, it’d be really nice to have a few people who could help me in case the site went down again, people who know how these blogs operate and would know what to fix without too much hassle.

If you’re able to offer your expertise and services (in case it’s ever needed), please let me know at email.JPG — phone numbers or contact info would be useful. I’d be extremely grateful!

Thanks in advance,

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  • Metro

    If you’re willing to risk the sarcasm and general nasty snark, Raincoaster is a fixture on the WP forums.

    If you catch her on a good day, and maybe throw her a small child (wait half-an-hour until the digestion process is well under way) she might prove helpful.

    Approach her with sincerity and good humour and you may be rewarded with … well, not civility, but as close as she gets.

    I’ll drop you a line.

  • Ebonmuse

    I recently had to hunt down some problems with my WordPress installation, too – your issue might be the same as mine. I’ll follow up in e-mail.