Teen Skepchick Website Up and Running

Creepy old men now have a website of their own :)

So do young skeptics/atheists. I would love to see this site take off!

(via Skepchick)

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  • http://blog.crispen.org/ Rev. Bob

    There’s another site for creepy old men; All Girl Army, but that’s more a feminist site.

    To really cater to our creepiness, Hemant better start posting some pictures of himself. You know, special pictures?

    I’ve admired Skepchick and Podblack Cat and Pikaia and Greta Christina and of course Allee and Swoopy and lots more for ages. I think our generation of creepy old guys can go to our long non-reward happy when these generations of women and girls are coming along to replace us.

    Do one favor for us, new kids: see if you can work on being creepier?