Creationism Explained

It was all Richard Dawkins‘ idea!

Richard Dawkins the British Atheist and free thinker has revealed that he was behind the global creationist movement, shocking supporters and right wing rednecks alike.

‘I thought if I made creationism look like the most ridiculous argument ever conceived then people would gravitate towards atheism. Sadly I hadn’t taken into account the stupidity and gullibility of Americans and the thing took a life of its own.’ said the 67 year-old author.

It all makes so much sense now…

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  • Polly

    I KNEW it!

  • It’s a bit unfair to label all Americans as stupid and gullible. It can’t be true can it?

  • mikespeir

    Hey, I’m an American!

    Okay, bad example. Still….

  • Awesomesauce

    I have to admit, living in this country is making me stupider by the day. It must be the water…

  • Jacques

    Well, I’m French, I love America very much, for all it brings to the world (victory in 1945, top scientists, culture, …). I still cannot believe that, in America, people can seriously and publicly defend “intelligent design” without being mocked in the medias. All of this seems absolutely silly from there, in France.

  • Lousy parody site copying my idea