Texting Champ?

Just a quick shout-out to one of the girls I coach on my high school’s Speech Team — she is representing Chicago in the National Texting Championship in New York City on Wednesday!

I fully expect to get a share of the prize money when she wins.

Of course, leave it to the Chicago Tribune to spell her name wrong in print (now fixed online) but correctly on their website days ago…

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  • http://blog.chungyc.org/ Yoo

    There’s a competition for texting? Next, you’re going to tell us that there are handwriting contests

  • David D.G.

    Good grief. No disrespect meant to your friend, Hemant, but that’s a pretty silly activity for which to hold “championships.” I could see it being the sort of frivolous competition that a radio station sponsors to win an iPhone from them or something, but that’s it.

    ~David D.G.