The Theist’s Worst Nightmare?

We know bananas scare atheists because they were so intelligently designed.

But what scares theists?

A coconut or a pineapple?

Disco-Igno did the tests.

Which one will cause Ray to start shivering when he passes through the produce isle? Which one will give Kirk some praying pains? Which one will be… THE THEIST’S NIGHTMARE? Only one will remain standing.

This is *way* more comprehensive analysis than you ever thought possible…

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  • sam

    I bet theists will blame human’s selective breeding for making such a shitty fruit.

  • Dylan Armitage

    I bet theists will blame human’s selective breeding for making such a shitty fruit.

    Well, they didn’t mention that the bananas people buy and eat were also bred to be that way. And now, they can’t even be bred and half to be grown from cuttings instead.

    So should I carry pineapples with me when I go to events that I know evangelical Christians will attending and passing out those little booklets?

  • Jaroslav Sveda

    I don’t know about fruit as theist nightmare, but high ranking in theist nightmare should be vagus nerve, specifically his bracnh called nervus laryngeus recurrens, or “recurrent laryngeal nerve”. This one inervates vocal tract, but instead going straight to larynx, it loops around so-called ductus arteriosus near heart, forming unnecessary long nerve, which is best demonstrated on giraffes, where this oddity means the nerve is several metres longer than easy straight alternative!

    And BTW why the hell giraffes have same number of neck vertebrae as all other vertebrates have, if we assume that all organisms were created?