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PZ has just over 300 members in his group right now.

I must beat him.

And you can help!

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  • Ubi Dubium

    OK, I’ve joined up. Only 300-some more to go!

  • Laurie Soule

    I was the third member to join the group after Hemant and Jimmy :-p Unfortunately, I also am one of PZ’s minions (mwa ha ha). Luckily the groups aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • Agersomnia


    one more member for you.

  • Steve Caldwell

    Of course, PZ is doing very well recruiting members.

    I hear he’s offering some kind of snack cracker.


  • ubi dubius

    315 to 22. Friendly Atheists is playing like my Washington Nationals.

  • Bill LaLonde

    I too have joined your bandwagon!


  • Buffy

    You’re up to 51 now according to the count there. It looks like a great site!

  • Stacy

    I joined a while ago, thanks for reminding me to check in over there.

    OMG I am so excited about Bill Mahers upcoming movie Religulous. Just the trailers make me giddy.

  • Louis Doench

    Ummmm… I didn’t really help much.

    I joined both groups.


  • ddjango

    I joined. It’s now up to 122. PZ ain’t got a chance.

    I posted on my blog there.

    Thanks for turning me on to it.