The Florida License Plates

Regarding the Christian-themed Florida license plates:



(Cartoon by Wayne Stayskal)

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  • Well I don’t really care for the cartoon…

    BUT! I’d be all for the licenses plates only if they included EVERY religion: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Islam, and yes…Pastafarianism.

    So, that seems like a ton of work for some silly license plates…so how about no? How about we not actually do them? 😛

  • Fabulously in the City,

    I agree, although first you’d have to explain to me exactly how atheism and agnosticism are religions…

  • Ron in Houston

    Well, being from Texas and since I’ve known a lot of folks involved in the whole fundamentalist Mormon case, I’ve found the whole idea of “lying for Christ” very interesting.

    Being Christian only means that you’re committed to that faith, it doesn’t mean you’re committed to telling the truth.

  • jcolv

    Indiana and several other states already have god related license plates. I’m not sure when it became okay to use a government required tag as a statement of religion.

    Personally I think it’s tasteless to flaunt religion in any similar form (Jesus fish).

  • SarahH

    This article, written by one of my heroes, Linda Holmes (formerly Miss Alli from Television Without Pity) covers the issue from a legal perspective very well.