One Atheist Wins; Other Atheists Lose

I don’t know how this horse-betting stuff works…

But if you bet on the horse named Atheist at the Arlington Park Racetrack yesterday, you would’ve won some money:


(via The Invisible Pink Unicorn)

Meanwhile, you may have heard of the campaign to put the following message on the side of UK buses:


The sign reads: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and get on with your life.”

For that sign to go up, activist Jon Worth would’ve needed to raise £23,400 in £5 increments. That’s 4680 donors.

Only 877 people came through for a total of £4,385.


Perhaps a smaller ad is in the future…

(via Reformed Chicks Blabbing)

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  • Maybe we should start with flyers and bumper stickers…

  • Soitgoes

    And yet the sign went up anyway? Or is that a fake photo?

  • And yet the sign went up anyway? Or is that a fake photo?

    That picture is a mock-up of what the bus would’ve looked like.

  • ubi dubius

    I prayed Atheist would win!

  • Alex

    I’m going to be there in a couple of weeks… If Atheist runs again, I’m going “all in.”