The Phelpses

Michael Phelps: The greatest Olympian of all time, holder of several world records, on his way to 8 gold medals in swimming in Beijing.

Fred Phelps: Notorious fundamentalist Christian, ardent anti-gay advocate, on his way to Westboro Baptist Church’s next protest.

Someone had to put them together.


You can do better.

What subtitle should go with this picture?

  • Stephen

    one hates the golden rule.
    One takes the gold to rule.

  • Dhruv K

    one is obsessed with god
    the other has become a god.

  • CJ Klok

    Restoring dignity to the Phelps name one medal at a time

  • Matt

    One dives in the water.
    One dives in the muck.

    Separated at birth?

  • MerryAtheist

    One floats.
    One needs to be flushed.

  • Perfect Fool

    One has gold around his neck.
    The other has rocks in his head.

  • Perfect Fool

    One’s a swimmer.
    One’s all wet.

  • paul

    Both irrelevant.

  • BlogD
  • Grumpy

    Two freaks – only one of them “of nature”.

  • Fabulously in the City

    Phelpses: Proof that God Exists and Hates America.

  • Mystery_Bouffe


    One of them wins.

  • Justin

    One goes for god, one for the gold…

    which one will actually reach his goal?

  • mojoey


  • postsimian

    One’s a jock, the other a crock.

  • Chris

    Both like to wear speedos…?

  • hoverFrog

    Just see what you can do if you set your mind to it.

  • sharon

    Just because one is an asshat doesn’t mean they all are.

  • Mythprogrammer

    One devolved the other evolved.