Atheist Naming Ceremony on PBS Tonight

Tonight episode of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly on PBS will feature a segment on “Atheist Baby Naming.” Margaret Downey, president of Atheist Alliance International, will talk about how atheists celebrate the birth of a child.

I didn’t know it took a full segment to explain the proper placement of newborns in a microwave, but that’s why I don’t work in TV.

If you miss it, audio/video podcasts will be available after the airing.

Congrats in advance to Margaret, who is always a fine spokesperson for atheists 🙂

(via Religion News Service)

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  • No, no, no! You don’t microwave them. You need to slow cook them in an oven. Tsk! Call youself an atheist.

  • Guy

    Why would you even F’n joke about that? That’s sick. I’m an atheist, FWIW, and realize that you are satirizing their caricatures of atheists, but probably casual readers wouldn’t. When you do satire, set it up so everyone will realize what you’re doing… like Swift.

  • @Guy I think even a casual christian reader would understand the comment was made in jest.

    I will have to catch this program, I didn’t know I had to celebrate the birth of my child with anything more than the usual goat sacrifice. (see what I did there)

  • Larry Huffman

    Everyone knows the proper way to cook baby is over a fire, slow roasting…just like christians like to do with jews and witches and whatnot…only baby is best with a good hickory or mesquite smoke flavor as well.

  • Larry Huffman

    And guy…relax…you must be new to this forum. baby eating is a regular topic. Sometimes we exchange recipes.

  • Larry Huffman

    And finally…guy…if you think there are casual readers who would REALLY think we are eating babies…well that is priceless…all the more reason to do it.

  • I was once bitten by a baby – so have we been setting a bad example?

  • It’s Sunday morning at 9 here…same time as Atheist’s Talk on the Radio/Web. Good thing I can use my Mac as a DVR.

    President Downey (hmm..has a nice sound to it) is great. I hope everyone can make it to this years convention to meet her, I get sea sick however…

  • Jordan

    Coincidentally, one of my son’s favorite games is when I chase him around the house, pretending I’m going to eat him.

  • Who needs a “naming ceremony?” When my son was born, the nurse asked us, “what is your baby’s name?” We told her, and she wrote it on the birth certificate.

  • alinvain

    I sort of have to crack up a little bit when people go on about having a baby, “OH! It’s a MIRACLE!!”

    People have kids BY MISTAKE every single day. OOPS! It’s a miracle, now what?

    I made it nearly 44 years without adding to this crowded planet! Now THAT’S a miracle!!