Carl Sagan’s Cosmos on iTunes

For anyone who would like to legally buy Carl Sagan‘s series Cosmos so you can watch it when you drive or work out or are sitting in class, all the episodes are now available on iTunes!

The whole series is $25.87 while individual episodes are $1.99. (In other words, there’s no discount for buying all of them.)

For those of you who have never considered that the words “iTunes” and “legal” could be in the same sentence, I’m sure you can download/watch the excellent series for free somewhere on the Internets… but I can’t find it anywhere.

(Thanks to Marinell for the link!)

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  • David D.G.

    Watch it while you drive? Isn’t that rather hazardous? I’d rather wait until I get home with the thing and watch it in the safety and comfort of my living room, rather than while weaving through rush-hour traffic!

    ~David D.G.

  • Gabriel

    Okay, this is serious. I really would like to but cosmos for such a low price but I know next to nothing about itunes. I think you know more than me. So, do you know if I can burn it to DVD after I buy it?

  • J. J. Ramsey


    I know that you can burn music downloaded from iTunes to a CD, but I’m not sure whether iTunes has a similar facility for video.

    That said, the video is stored on your hard drive, and I’ve found the file names of such videos to be self-explanatory. You should be able to back up downloaded video files to a DVD without a problem.

  • Sisyphus Fragment

    This is awesome. Before now my iPod nano was just an overpriced mp3 player, now I finally have some videos worth buying from iTunes..

  • Zachary B.

    Awesome! Already have the DVD box set from Amazon but it’s good to know they’re on iTunes. Carl Sagan is one of my favorite ‘uman beings that has ever existed!

  • Spancy
  • Gabriel

    J.J. Ramsey,
    Will itunes work on a dell? I don’t own a mack, but man, I love Cosmos.

  • Seavee

    Cool. I just started reading the book. I am shamed that I didn’t read it sooner. I am outlining it in a compulsive fashion as I go. I’m daydreaming about using it as teaching material should I ever A. be employed again and B. be employed in a suitably liberal, science-minded institution of learning and C. engage students with sufficient reading levels to comprehend the material with teacher assistance.

    Adding video would make a great learning unit for students.

  • ORK

    Here you go, you can pick and choose:

  • Matt M

    “For anyone who would like to legally buy Carl Sagan’s series Cosmos…”

    Anyone, that is, with a US billing address.

  • Irish Atheist

    Curses, only available in the US store, what’s new!?

  • Marinell

    Your welcome, Hemant. Thank you!

  • Dennis N

    It’s free on hulu now