Reading Playboy for the Articles

If you checked out the latest issue of Playboy (September, 2008), you may have noticed an article featuring Steve Rade and his atheist billboard in Philadelphia!

(Or maybe you’re someone who didn’t realize Playboy had articles and you skipped over it entirely.)

The article also quotes Fred Edwords of the American Humanist Association (highlighted in picture below — click it for larger image):

In case you want to see the picture in context, there are two ways to access it:

Just click here and go to page 41.

Or: Go here (kinda NSFW) and click on “Free Preview” of the Digital Edition. Then go to page 41.

You now have a legitimate excuse to go to the Playboy website.

You’re welcome.

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  • Agersomnia

    The title of your post, and your last two lines are priceless, Hemant. =)

  • t3knomanser

    Now, I haven’t flipped through a Playboy since I was a teenager, but isn’t it nothing but articles? I swear, I didn’t see a single naked woman in that magazine. Has it changed?

  • Jim

    t3knomanser: I guess they don’t put the nudity in the online preview. I was disappoin.. er, surprised by that as well.

  • Craig

    Wouldn’t want to offend the fundies, right! 😉

  • The Science Pundit

    I saw this on Sunday at our atheist meetup. Now I’m gonna have to hit the news stand and pick up a copy of the issue with Ms. Faris on the cover. (But I’m getting it because it has Steve Rade in it — I swear!) ;-P

  • muffin

    Boobs are a legitimate excuse for me! That article just gives me an extra reason to peruse the site!

  • Gabriel

    There isn’t any other reason than the articles to read playboy. The naked chicks in it are weak. You can get better and more imaginative naked girls on the net for free. At least some of the articles and fiction in playboy are still good.

  • martymankins

    Love the post title… and yes, I do read it for the articles. That was a good read. Nice to see a billboard like that in a major city.