Please Switch Your RSS Feed

Hi all.

Most of you who use an RSS reader to check out this site have been using this link.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I’m asking you to please switch your feed to this link instead.

The old one will be fading away soon and I don’t want to lose you all!

(***Update***: The old feed isn’t going anywhere. But if you can revert to the new feed, wonderful.)

Thanks :)

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  • Nick A

    dude this is terrible. i’ve been subscribing to this rss feed for like three weeks now, i don’t want to go changing it, messing up my everyday life. ….God damn.

  • Adrian Hayter

    Why not just use the “FeedBurner FeedSmith” plugin for WordPress that redirects feeds to their Feedburner equivalent?

  • Bjorn Watland

    Second on the redirect. That way you don’t lose people, and you still get all of the tracking, Google AdWords injecting goodness of FeedBurner.

  • Jason C. Romero

    Looks like Adrian beat me to the suggestion I was going to make. Just install the FeedSmith plugin and you won’t have to worry about losing anyone.

  • Brian S.

    I added the feed to my reader, but couldn’t have the same name for the original and new feed at the same time. So, I decided on naming the new one Friendly Atheist Prime (math notation, of course) and realized that it made you sound like a Transformer.

  • Ian

    I’m fourth on the FeedSmith option – I’ve put it on my own blog and all my feed info goes through Feedburner now.

  • Epistaxis

    I’d like to, but the new link doesn’t seem to work.

  • Kevin

    Do whatever you can to NOT delete the old feed altogether. You will definitely lose readers that way.

  • Robert Prather

    Please don’t delete the old feed. I have a lot of your posts favorited in Google reader and don’t want to have to lose those. Do please consider the redirect option.