What’s the (Most Recent) Dumb Thing You’ve Done?

There are always many dumb things to choose from. But we’re going for “recent” here.

Chris got a lot of entertaining responses.

I’m sure readers here can top them 🙂

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • David D.G.

    Like I’d want to advertise this? Worldwide?!? Forget it!

    ~David D.G.

  • ddr

    This past weekend I spent an hour playing City of Heroes with my headphones on so I would not bother my wife in the next room. It was not until I stopped playing that I realized the headphones were not plugged in and I was hearing the game through the speakers.

  • This isn’t funny but it is really dumb.
    I was cleaning the oven last Monday and while wiping down the surface, I turned the gas knob by mistake. I did not realize it and moved on to clean the bathrooms which left it turned on for nearly an hour.
    When I returned to the kitchen the entire place smelled of gas. Thankfully, I was able to contain the situation.
    Just in case you’re wondering, the alarm installed in our house did not go off but is apparently working fine according to the repairguy.

  • SarahH

    I agreed to go in to work on what’s supposed to be my morning off tomorrow. *grumbles*

  • Milena

    I was taking out the garbage at work (I work in a store at a strip-mall type thing), so I was going through the corridor that connects all the stores from behind and I noticed that Sports Mart had their stockroom door open, so I’m peaking in as I’m walking and I almost walked into a box. I think one of the Reitmans’ associates might have seen me too. =/

  • philosophia

    I just spent five days stressing about an essay I had due, up to and including pulling an all-nighter to get it finished on time.

    Then I realized that it was due on the third of OCTOBER, not September.

    I couldn’t stop laughing for an hour after I figured it out. At least I’m planning ahead? XD

  • A couple weeks ago, I went to watch a few friends play softball in a regular league they belong to. They were short one player and despite not having played on a diamond for about 15 years, I agreed to fill in until they could get a regular sub to play. I’ve not done regular exercise in a couple years so my weight has become an issue for me and I didn’t warm up because it was really short notice (“Hey, So-and-so isn’t here yet, can you bat right now?”). Well, I took two pitches (both balls) and made contact (weak ground ball to third) on the thrid pitch and on my way to first, I sprained my ankle. That’ll teach me.

    PS, I’m not unathletic (really I’m not). I used to be pretty good at baseball when I was younger.

  • Andrew C.

    Chose a woman as my VP because I thought it would win over bitter Hillary supporters only to have it blow up in my face because she wasn’t properly vetted.

  • Jamie G.

    I recently made a comment critical of a recent post of PZ Myers on his Pharyngula concerning the protests in his home-state at the RNC. I didn’t realize that liberals can act just like fundies when defending one of their prophets of the New Atheism. I like PZ and agreed with his Wafergate, but I don’t think he is being very reasonable and rational concerning the protests. And as a cop I didn’t appreciate some of the blanket statements made about “all” those involved in law enforcement made by some of the commenters. But what do I know… I’m one of “them”.

  • Freelancer

    Uhm, can’t really think of something really stupid I did in the last few weeks. But as far as stupidity and bad judgment extend, well, back in July, I was at a party, drank way too much for my own good, ended up getting sick, and then wanted to go to sleep, but the house’s owner(a friend) had a female co-worker who got all concern-troll about me, she wanted to make sure I got settled okay. She took me downstairs and in the worst (post?)drunken condition, I hooked up with a woman that was so unattractive, simple-minded, obese, and shallow that I felt repulsed the next morning. On one hand, I laughed it off by saying I was “date raped”, but on the other hand, I didn’t say no. I nodded, and went the whole nine, whatever my condition may have been. That was REALLY stupid.

    Why does this feel so much like early Catholic confessional, where I get the sense I haven’t sinned enough to satisfy my priest’s expectations of the kind of shit a 10 year old, much less a 26 year old is guilty of, so I want to pad the list?

    Anyways,that’s all the truth you get,
    Freelancer +4

  • stephanie

    The latest? It’s so hard to choose…

    At a convention, I had about a dozen 1 1/2″ buttons in the front pocket of my jeans. I didn’t notice one had slipped open and the entire pin back was through the pocket when I went to the bathroom-
    I did when I yanked back on my jeans though, because I gashed my leg from knee to hip and wound up bleeding through the denim… :/

  • I recently started a comment to a blog and then forgot what I was going to say so I had to end it rather lamely like this……….

  • I wore a dress with buttons on the front a bit too small for the holes. So as the day at school drew to a close, I noticed some guys snickering at me, but I had no idea why.

    It wasn’t until later that I realized the top three buttons of my dress had cunningly decided to slip out of their holes, and my underthings were in stark, clear view. XD

  • Rachel

    My toaster sits on the counter of my kitchen under some cubords, there’s about a foot of clearance between the top of the toaster and the underside of the kitchen cubords.
    Anyway it was early and dark and i stuck my head above the toaster, under the cubords, to peer in to see the status of the toast when the toast popped up and I startled, wacking the back of my head against the cubords above and almost knocking myself unconsious.