The Atheist Wedding

Toothpaste for Dinner explains the uniqueness of an atheist wedding:

Hehe :)

(Thanks to Matthew for the link!)

  • lynn

    I wish! It would be so much easier to plan!

    *flips back to the Crate & Barrel tab*

  • Allison

    Ha! We had a fantastic party, complete with dinner, dancing, and lots of booze…interrupted by a 10-minute ceremony.

    Though, I admit, I drank enough wine that I kind of ceased to think at some point, so Descartes might say this comic is true.

  • Missy4576

    Wedding is one of the most important events in life, but when you do not understand what it means, it becomes a simple word.
    As a Christian, I understood that I want God to guide my marriage and be with my husband for the rest of my life and, to be an eternal marriage even after death.
    Atheist  don’t believe in God, but let me tell you marriage without God on is not healthy because in a marriage the man and the woman became to be ONE in God’s eyes, there is no longer  YOU  or ME  there is  just “US”.
    Maybe you say that God is does not exist, but he does, and he give us the blessing.