Censorship Compromise?

There are people who don’t want to ban books… and people who don’t like those trashy novels…

Finally, we have a compromise:

(via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

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  • Miko

    Madlibs, anyone?

    “He removed his breeches, displaying his enormous CHASTITY BELT. Helen loosened her bodice to reveal her heaving CHRISTIAN CROSS WORN AROUND HER NECK. She suddenly found her BIBLE in his powerful grip, and before she could ASK HIM ABOUT HIS FAVORITE VERSE he placed his APPROVAL on her PICTURE of THE LAMB OF GOD, soft jESUS.”

  • http://alcaritown.myminicity.com/ Sanity

    You may think this is funny, but we used to have several people like this at the library where I used to work. True, they didn’t use little jesus-stickers, they used a pen instead. The result is the same though, you can throw the book away.

    Of course, after two or three times, we started checking their books before and after they took them home, they stopped after they got fined somewhere around 400 euro.

    Oh, and then there’s the insane woman who would be the first to reserve the new Harry Potter, and burned it. Yes, really.

  • ash


    was it this woman?!

  • http://obimomkenobi.wordpress.com Obi-Mom Kenobi

    My MIL has been known to cut pages, even whole sections, out of books that she finds offensive. Thankfully they were her own books though.

  • Jen

    I can’t even imagine how much ass I would have to kick is someone destroyed my beloved romance novels like that.

    Also, I always checked out the new HPs the day they came out from my library. If some person decide to burn her copy, again, I would not be pleased (luckily, I can just summon the devil with my copy of the first HP. Do not anger the HP readers.)

  • http://notreallyalice.wordpress.com Alice


  • Richard Wade

    I’ve been married to a librarian for 36 years, and I can tell you there is no more rabid, vicious, kill-you-where-you-stand enemy of censorship than a librarian. Book vandals, book banners, watch out. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin discovered this the hard way:

  • absent sway

    Richard Wade is right; librarians are first amendment champions and I’m glad to have had their influence in my life.

  • http://www.skepchick.org writerdd

    Can I have about 10,000 of those stickers to use in my Bible please?

  • Grimace

    Wonderful! You came across my absolute favorite web comic. I’d recommend to anyone giving smbc-comics a good browse.

    P.S. Writerdd – only 10,000?