Top of the Kiva Charts!

Nice work, everyone! The atheists are currently topping the Kiva charts when it comes to number of group members, beating the 101 Cookbooks people.

(Of course, the important thing is that we’re loaning more money than they are.)

Take that, chefs!

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  • Miko

    However, with categories of # of members, # of loans, and $ loaned, it would seem that ordering by # of members is the silliest available way of doing things. The cookbook group, for example, has at least 151 members who’ve never done anything.

  • Anne

    I just saw this and added my name. I’ve been doing Kiva for a couple of years at least. We’re #2 in amount loaned, which is pretty cool. Thanks for spreading the word on this.

  • RBH

    What Anne said. I didn’t know the group existed, but I just joined.

  • Now the Christians are winning, and with less members.