Family Guy God and Jesus Compilation

For those of you who would like to see all the Jesus-and-God-related clips from Family Guy, here you go!

(via Holy Freak)

"I still view them more as preying than praying."

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  • Kevin L.

    (1) I usually read your posts through the RSS feed, and this is the first I’ve actually visited the site itself for a long while. The redesign looks good!

    (2) My favorite clip is still either the evolution/Kansas bit, or the scene in the bar when God kills the women with his “magic fingers” =P

  • Justin

    I love the last one. Evolution replaced with I Dream of Jeannie. Nice.

  • Jonas

    Aw, that “Cosmos for Rednecks” bit should have been included.
    Ah, here it is:

  • martymankins

    I laugh at each and every one of these.

    As I’ve said to others before, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you are taking it all too seriously.

  • Freelance Guru

    Freaking Sweet…