The Case For The Case For… Books

I enjoy Christian attempts at religious satire.

This one from LarkNews pokes fun at author Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and other similarly-themed books:

Lee Strobel, the one-time atheist and junior reporter who has made a career of applying journalistic techniques to biblical questions, has penned his 40th book with the word "Case" in the title.

I felt that after all these years I needed to make the case why my Case books are still relevant," he says of his new book, The Case for Another One of My Case Books.

Strobel’s new Case book spends a chapter rehashing the points made in previous Case books, including The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, The Case for Christmas, The Case for St. Patrick’s Day, The Case for Mary, The Case for Those Weird Passages in Daniel, The Case for Sending the Strobel Grandkids to College on This Book’s Royalties, and The Case for Everything Else in the Bible That I Missed Before.

"It’s about freshening up the franchise and reminding people why it works," Strobel says. "In case they had forgotten."

Incidentally, I emailed a list of your questions to Lee and we’ve been in contact. He still says he’ll answer them, but his schedule’s been really hectic. Hopefully, we’ll get his answers soon.

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  • I’ve got to admit, Hemant, that’s pretty funny! I especially like, “The Case for Everything Else in the Bible that I Missed Before.” That’s not a bad concept! Anyway, thanks again for sending along the questions from your readers. I was impressed by them and look forward to sending you answers as soon as I’m able. I really appreciate your patience as I get through a bunch of stuff. All the best to you and your readers, Hemant! Lee Strobel

  • See? Christians can have a sense of humor.

    I like seeing it partly because it makes me laugh in a good way and partly it was my sense of humor that led me to the truth that there are no gods.

  • Hemant,Lee Strobel is an ASSHOLE! Why would you want to be in communication with him?

  • Awesomesauce



  • Hemant,Lee Strobel is an ASSHOLE! Why would you want to be in communication with him?

    In all my email interactions with him, he’s been anything but. I still await his responses and I’m hoping we can meet in person one day (I’d love to pick his brain). I also disagree with him on a lot of very serious issues. But I have no reason to think he’s a mean person.