Just in Time for Halloween

I suppose it’s appropriately symbolic that Ben Stein‘s movie, Expelled, will be released on DVD just days before the “scariest night of the year”…

(Thanks to Phil for the link!)

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  • http://www.purduenontheists.com Jennifurret

    I think I just got an idea for a club Halloween horror party!

  • Gabriel

    I love Halloween. Love it. I can’t wait for October so I can start decorating and put the old universal movies on the tube. The mummy and it’s progeny. Abbot and Costello meet the mummy. Hurray.

    Hey how did the ben stein movie do? I only saw a few commercials and I don’t remember it playing in my town. It seemed to be much more of an event on the atheist blogs than it was in reality?

  • http://www.otmatheist.com hoverFrog

    Expelled isn’t even available from the various Bit Torrent sites if that’s an indicator of it’s success. I’d like to watch it for amusement value but I’m not giving my money to IDiots. Maybe someone I know will buy it and I can go round and hurl pop corn and their TV for an hour and a half.

  • Travis McDermott

    April first would have been a better date.

  • http://www.purduenontheists.com Jennifurret

    Hmmm, scratch that idea. It costs hundreds of dollars to get the public performance rights to show Expelled to our group…not the kind of money I want to give to Ben Stein.

  • http://olvlzl.blogspot.com olvlzl, no ism, no ist

    Maybe you should get Bill Maher to make a movie supporting creationism, when he adopts a fad, it officially means it’s over.

    What’s the CSI position on Halloween? Isn’t it a dangerous promotion of the supernatural and thus a danger to all that is good and right and materialistic?

    You do realize it’s the eve of all hallows, All Saints Day, don’t you?

    Ben Stein is a sleazy, slimy, fascist liar. Of course they were going to release it right before election day. That was the whole point of the thing. Like I said, get Maher to make a movie supporting it, it will put the stake in the heart of creationism.

  • http://darwinsdagger.blogspot.com Darwin’s Dagger

    I’m waiting for Expelled:The Musical.

  • Gabriel

    CSI? I think that must be something else besides the cops and robber’s show.

    Sure it’s all saints day eve but it is still a blast. Much more fun and much less stress than any other holiday in america.

  • David D.G.

    I’ll wait for the MST3K version, thanks.

    ~David D.G.

  • Steelman

    olvlzl wondered: “What’s the CSI position on Halloween? Isn’t it a dangerous promotion of the supernatural and thus a danger to all that is good and right and materialistic?”

    Joe Nickell and D.J. Grothe usually conduct an annual “Houdini Seance”, where they discuss his life and work. You mean you don’t subscribe to the podcast, Olvlzl? :)

    “You do realize it’s the eve of all hallows, All Saints Day, don’t you?”

    Isn’t All Hallows Eve the Christianized version of Samhain? And if we’re going to take it all the way back to the original Druidic rites, we should invite Lord Summerisle and his Wicker Man to really get the party started!

  • olvlzl, by any other name

    Steelman, it doesn’t exactly make it less theistic if you consider the Druidic origins of All Hallows Eve. It’s religious origins are inescapable. Actually, the modern day wiccans and other pagans celebrate it as a major religious occasion as Christians do in many cultures. In the United States, everything gets transformed into the state religion, Mammonism.

  • JimboB

    (Un)fortunately, my library is getting 20 copies of this movie. I really think it’s a huge waste of money — especially since it’s coming out of my taxes — but I might as well force myself to watch it.