She Left Him for Another Man

You have to feel bad for singer-songwriter Hayes Carll.

His girlfriend left him for another man. A far better man. A man with whom Carll can’t compete.

At least they caught her on tape:

On an amusing sidenote, the video was written and directed by Dano Johnson — the creator of the animated version of Edwin A. Abbott‘s excellent book, Flatland. Which my students will be watching again this year 🙂

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  • I cannot tell a lie. I LOLed. Of course, I just finished my Friday Night Martini (also: the Death of the Free Market Martini, if you’re histrionic and drunk).

  • J. J. Ramsey


  • Beijingrrl

    Can I get a “If I ever find Jesus, I’m kicking his ass!” t-shirt?

  • Sam

    I’d definitely buy an “If I ever find Jesus, I’m kicking his ass!” t-shirt too.

  • Pat

    Sign me up for one too!!!!

  • Derek H.

    Exit 57 had a similar song about 10 years ago: