Giant Evolution Timelines (and More!) Are Now Available

I mentioned Kate Miller‘s fabulous website Charlie’s Playhouse earlier in the week.

The site is now fully functional and ready to take your orders!

Already, Kate’s getting some great reviews:

I bought the Giant Timeline for my grandkids… I just want to tell you that my grandkids love the Timeline and after playing a few games as described on the back, are now making up more games and having a great time with it. The educational uses are tremendous even for adults. Thank you. This is a terrific product!

I just wanted to say how excited I am about this site. My kids are grown now, teenagers, but my sister has 2 little girls that she wants to raise up studying evolution and science. She has been looking for these kinds of products for a long time, and when I found your site today, I emailed her the link. She called me up immediately to thank me for the link and how excited she is about these kinds of products as well. The both of us are really looking forward to all of the products you will carry.
There aren’t that many science/evolution kids items to buy at stores or even online, this is all so awesome and we can’t wait to see all of the products you will be carrying and that we can buy to teach her girls all about evolution and other educational products.

That timeline, in action, can be seen here:

Order now, and I’m pretty sure the children will come with the timeline as an added bonus 🙂

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  • Daniel H.

    Did they correct the part with the Coelocanth?

  • Bookmarked for future use!

    And by far the best improvement to the site since you posted about it earlier this week is that the video no longer auto-plays.