Sarah Palin Loses on The Pyramid

Courtesy of Edward Current, Sarah Palin loses on The $800,000,000 Pyramid:

And if you haven’t already read it, here is a incredible take-down of John McCain‘s “maverick” image by Tim Dickinson in Rolling Stone.

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  • Kate’s mom

    This is great! The only thing that is missing is her winking!!

  • Jamie G.

    I read the article from Rolling Stone, and though I am far from being a supporter of McCain, I wasn’t impressed with the style of the article. It just didn’t strike me as honest and objective, especially when no proof of some of the accusations that were offered. The tone sounded like someone who had it out for McCain, and made some innuendos without clarification.

    …not that I expected great reporting from Rolling Stone anyways.

  • ObamaJamaMan

    McCain is yet another step towards the theocracy that anyone with a brain should rightly fear.

    And there are more than enough fools in this nation to make that a reality. They think they will be bringing back the traditions of America as it once was, but what they are really going to get is the Middle Ages and all that that implies.

    Joe Pesci, save us from ourselves!

  • You’re missing some zeros.