Maybe I Shouldn’t Be a Vegetarian Anymore…


Ok, I understand the costume… but the pot?

That’s genius.

(Thanks to Airi for the link!)

"How's that eagle going to eat the fish when its head is so tiny?"

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  • !!!!

    That is pure brilliance. It has reduced me to mere exclamation points.

  • Man, that photo makes me want into SWMBO demands for a baby…

    …but I don’t think I’m quite ready for to be a dad just yet…


  • mikespeir

    Can we keep our atheist credentials if we only eat baby vegetables?

  • SarahH

    That’s incredibly adorable. Way better than the pumpkin suit my parents dressed me in when I was that age. Lobster is both cuter and more delicious than pumpkin.

  • Melted butter…I need melted butter!!!

  • LOL Look at the look on that kids face. Priceless 🙂