The Church Abuse Policy

I’d say this still applies to many well-meaning churches. Don’t you think?

(via Naked Pastor)

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  • Abbie

    What is “spiritual” abuse?

  • Chris (in Columbus)

    I won’t lie, I kind of think those characters are the cutest things ever! :-p

  • Paul

    Abbie says:

    What is “spiritual” abuse?

    Telling children that God exists.

  • Lynn

    Absolutely true across the board.

    Spiritual abuse is when an elite few manipulate others’ private lives and decisions by acting as if they’re the mouthpieces of a deity. It’s using spirtual matters or matters of faith to control people. These elite few usually have a LOT to gain from this behavior, financially and otherwise.

  • Seth C.

    Spiritual abuse is what Lynn said and when one oppresses another person by saying “Follow our version of this religion or your going to hell to burn and be tormented for all eternity.”

    I hate oppression of any kind, it’s my number one enemy, especially spiritual oppression. I hate it so much because of how it afflicted me as a boy, has driven many others away from a meaningful spirituality, and how I occasionally have to fight that force in my spiritual life today.

    IMO, it goes against the very teachings and actions of Jesus…He seemed to never oppress; only to heal, teach, make whole, and set free.