What Questions Do You Have for the Candidates?

It’s not too late to submit your Secular Values Voter questions!

(via Healthy Addict)

"Again with the arrogant "we."Xtians do not get to speak for everyone. Get over yourselves."

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  • Vincent

    um… while I agree with her values, I don’t think they are what we need to be claiming as secular values. I think secular values means things like protection of those who can’t protect themselves: the poor, children, etc. It should be preservation of individual rights and freedoms, protection of families, economic stability, ethical foreign policy. I thought the point was to take back the term “values voter” by pointing out that these are secular values not religious values. Instead it sounds like these are anti-religion values and says “our values are different from your values” which really seems a cut me own throat strategy.

    Plus could they not get a woman who could hold her head and face still for 2 seconds?