Do You Have Questions for Ex-Members of Mercy Ministries?

Last week, I mentioned an incredible article highlighting the abuses taking place at Mercy Ministries — a Christian-based rehabilitation home.

I managed to get in touch with a victim from Mercy Ministries who is willing to answer questions about her time there.

Please submit your questions below and I’ll send them along.

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  • justin jm

    I see that I’m the first to comment, so I hope these are relevant:

    Does your experience cause you to see (your) faith differently?

    How did you escape?

    More importantly, why did you leave?

    I don’t want to pry too deeply into your personal life, but if you can answer these questions to the best of your ability, I would be grateful.

  • past MM resident

    I was just wondering if the girl you’re in touch with is from the USA or Aust?

  • I was just wondering if the girl you’re in touch with is from the USA or Aust?

    My contact is from the USA

  • Grimace

    Again, I’m very cautious about prying too deeply into someones personal life, so feel free to disregard; but I’m curious what brought the individual to the Mercy Ministry in the first place. Similarly, whether they felt the Ministry was helping them with their problem at all, before they (obviously) realised otherwise and left.

    Also my best wishes to them.

  • Just though you might be interested. A video that has Nancy Alcorn outlining the concept of demonic opression and criticising psychiatrists has been pulled from youtube ie claiming copyright violation.

  • Sally

    I know the video you’re talking about.

    My understand is that video came from a television show and the material would be copyright to that channel. Not to Mercy Ministries.