Got a Plot Idea for an Atheist Novel?

November is National Novel Writing Month and at least one of our readers, Jennifer, wants to write that 50,000-word beast of a novel.

She wants it to be about atheism…

But she needs a good plot idea.

If you ever wished to have more fiction novels that deal with atheism (or related topics), throw out any plot ideas you have. I’m open to any suggestions! Even tips for what NOT to do (how not to stereotype atheists/theist, etc) would be appreciated. So…brainstorm here, and maybe you’ll actually find the book by me some day!

And just as an aside…I generally like to write things that would be considered futuristic/speculative fiction, with some sci-fi/fantasy in it. I guess I would be aiming to create something along the lines of the Golden Compass, but not necessarily as fantasy like. Any help would be greatly appreciated =)

What advice would you offer?

All I know is that any story about atheism must include: babies, communion wafers, and the banana that saves the day.

(via Friendly Atheist Forums)

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