The Atheist Bus Campaign Update

In the first “official” day of the campaign to put a pro-atheist slogan on buses in the UK, the goal of £5,500 was reached at 10:06 a.m. this morning. That amount puts the slogan on “30 buses across the capital for four weeks.”

As of this moment, they’ve raised nearly £50,000. And that’s not including Richard Dawkin’s £5,500 matching gift.


Jon Worth and the British Humanist Association ought to just buy their own bus and run the ad indefinitely.

It’s a good investment, since they’ll be needing the bus when they make their way to hell :)

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  • Jennifurret

    Amazing! And people say atheists never donate and are hard to rally behind a cause…

  • llewelly

    It’s a good investment, since they’ll be needed the bus when they make their way to hell

    Grammar fix: needed => needing.

  • Asylum Seeker

    Use the money to buy the city a Heathen Mobile. It could be covered with anti-religious logos like a Nascar vehicle is with advertisments for junk food products, and could run entirely on the souls of the innocent. It could be like a tourist attraction for sane people.

  • Seth Pollack

    Amazing! And people say atheists never donate and are hard to rally behind a cause…

    This is really the best way to champion atheism with over £50,000? I’m disappointed.

  • Robbie Taylor
  • David D.G.

    As much as I deplore NASCAR, I adore Asylum Seeker’s suggestion, and I think having an actual NASCAR vehicle festooned with Darwin fish and anti-religion/pro-atheism (or at least pro-freethought) slogans would be well worth the money. That sort of advertising, however, probably costs something on the order of million$.

    ~David D.G.

  • Andrew C.

    The next bus slogan should simply be, “Don’t Panic” in honor of the late, great, Douglas Adams.

  • Eshu

    A commenter on a theistic blog suggested that it wasn’t a good use of money when compared to helping starving people. I wonder if they’d feel similar about the erection of enormous crosses?

  • bullet

    Shit. If it’s this easy, why aren’t there more drives like this in the US?

    We need to get organized behind this stuff more often.