North Carolina Republicans Think Atheists Have a Homosexual Agenda

When the North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee (and the Elizabeth Dole campaign) sent out a mailing attacking Dole’s Senate-seat opponent, Kay Hagan, for associating with atheists, they thought they would smear her character. They thought the same thing when they issued a press release criticizing Hagan for attending a fundraiser hosted by atheists.

Everything has backfired.

Elizabeth Dole has been rightfully called out as a bigot. Money is pouring into Hagan’s campaign (not just because of this issue, of course, though it certainly helps). And Hagan has taken a strong lead in the polls.

Somehow, the Republicans think the bigotry card will still work.

In a brand new mailing, we see this gem:

Somehow, our agenda (which we don’t have) became the homosexual agenda (which they don’t have).

And seriously, if we had one, would the #1 item be to “hold a fundraiser”?

We all know the Atheist Agenda would include a ban on bananas and mandatory abortions for everyone.

Here’s the last page of the mailing:

Apparently, that’s supposed to be evil and scary. I don’t see it.

It’s not too late to donate to Hagan if you want to help her take down Dole and her Republican allies.

(Thanks to Greta Christina for the link!)

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