Weekend Vacation

I’ll be MIA for the next couple days while I visit my sister in Arizona. The blog is on autopost.

In the meantime, check out the deceptive ways the filmmakers of Expelled are marketing the DVD release of the film (via Bay of Fundie).

It’s not like they used any facts in the movie.

Why start now, right?

"Jesus white WHINE is what persecuted Evangelicals in the Bible Belt like to drink!😆😆😆😆"

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  • Katie H

    I love how the four star rating, and quote are actually from Ben Stein.

    They can’t get anyone else to write a four-star review, so they just tack one on so that it “looks good”.

  • EB

    Coming to Arizona? HFSM, do an appearance or something! This might be my only chance to see you in person!

    P.S. I am not as crazy as that sounds, although typing that makes me crazy. I’ll stop typing now.

  • I just now saw an ad for it. “American icon Ben Stein goes back to school, takes on the establishment, and gets … EXPELLED!” But not one word about the topic.