That’s One Way To Protest the Church…

Forget buses.

This is the way to start a discussion about religion:

Here’s a close-up of the flags:

Tell me it wouldn’t be awesome seeing those flags popping up everywhere you go… 🙂

The full story behind them is at Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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  • Anonnie Mouse

    That’s pretty funny.

    My BIL lives next door to a pentacostal church. He flies a pirate flag every Sunday. I just might have to order him a FSM flag to go with!

  • That’s awesome.

    Not enough FSM swag publically displayed in my opinion. There is a guy in my area with a black Infiniti who has a darwin fish and an fsm logo on his car.

  • The Vicar

    Okay, then: it wouldn’t be awesome seeing those flags popping up everywhere I go. I agree with the sentiment, and they may be making a point, but they’re both ugly, and I’d rather not have to look at them any more than strictly necessary. I’d rather have a simple design, and preferably not on a red or black background.

    (You did say to tell you…)

  • Hey, there’s a Scientology banner ad right above this post. I’m not sure if that qualifies as an ironic event but it seems close…

  • “Yarrrgghhh. Your church is about to be boarded!”

  • The Invisible Pink Unicorn would make a much prettier flag.

  • noodleguy

    I should buy a house near a church JUST so I can fly a FSM flag on Sundays. I may get a flag anyway…I need some more FSM swag.

    I dunno what the Vicar is talking about: I rather like both designs on the flags. Nice and spartan, simple colors, classic logos. It works.

  • noodleguy

    The ads on this website are deliciously ironic as usual.