Atheists Are on Sale

Damon Payne informs me that atheists are pretty cheap on the Internet.

I suppose I’ll buy a couple before we’re all sold out…

The total comes to $13.32.

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  • Ian

    Great for Christmas!

  • noodleguy

    lol “I didn’t know the 13th Amendment had been repealed!”

  • Chas

    Friendly Atheist at Angry Christian prices!

  • Rat Bastard

    psshh… “I’ll take ‘Angry Atheists’ for $1000, Alex'”. There is so much more to it, that that infantile complacent attitude gets old fast.

  • Catherine

    hmmm, so after I buy a friendly atheist, what do I do with him or her?

  • Dylan Armitage

    What I find even more hilarious is that right now, the ad banner above the the post is one from

  • Susan B.

    So you’re saying one atheist costs $6.66?