Baby Cake

I now know what I want for my birthday.

(Thanks to Håvar for the link!)

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  • I love you, babycake! 😉

  • Fergus Gallagher

    I’m big into baby eating “in principle”, but that’s a bit freaky for me.

  • Simon

    That sure is a lot of effort just to commit symbolic cannibalism…

  • ubi dubius

    Raspberry filling? (suggested by Ubi Dubikid1)

  • andyinsdca

    That sure is a lot of effort just to commit symbolic cannibalism…

    Some people go to a specific building every Sunday and do it.

  • mikespeir

    Is it baby flavored? If not, why bother?

  • Catherine

    wow, I’m torn between being really creeped out and being really impressed by the amount of effort that goes into making a cake like that.

  • noodleguy

    Fill it with spaghetti sauce and meatballs.
    Give it noodly hair.

    RAmen, brothers.

  • that freaks me out. who would want to cut into that thing? “save me a piece of the head!”

  • David D.G.

    Do you have to have a pediatric surgeon do the carving?

    ~David D.G.