The Atheist Team and the Kiva Charts

The “Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers and the Non-Religious” group at the charity website Kiva were once topping the charts in terms of number of members.

At the moment, while the non-religious team members have loaned a fantastic $87,075, we are in second place when it comes to group members.

We’re at 1251.

In first place?

Team Obama. They have 1354 members. (They’ve loaned $93,700.)

In third place? Kiva Christians with 689. (Though they’ve loaned $99,800.)

We can’t let either group show us up like this…

Help the atheist group climb back to the top of the charts!

You can learn more about Kiva and the atheist group from this post.

(Thanks to Todd for the link!)

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