Christianity as a Political Liability?

Can you imagine if being a Christian hurt you in a campaign?

What if politicians courted the atheist vote? What if being a member of American Atheists was something unofficially required for all candidates?

The Bolingbrook Babbler offers a satirical take on that sort of election in his neck of the woods:

“My opponent brags about his atheism.” Said Elders in an interview with The Babbler. “But the fact that he stepped into the home of a Christian raises unsettling questions. So I want my opponent to release the transcripts of his discussion with this Christian.”

Drakes replied that he is a proud atheist, and questioned Elders’ commitment to atheism.

“I am a proud member of the Council for Secular Humanism.” Said Drakes. “I can’t help it if most Republicans are Christians…”

The article also explains how “Friendly Atheism” is actually a code word

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