I Have A Golden Ticket for Tonight…

Well, no, that’s a lie.

But I know someone who does.

We’re buddies and I’m her +1.

So tonight, I’ll be at the Barack Obama rally in downtown Chicago.

(Somehow, I also plan to be at work Wednesday morning…)

The blog’s on autopost until tomorrow night… hopefully, I’ll be able to get some interesting pictures and anecdotes to share 🙂

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  • Have fun!! I was thinking about going, but I think the crowd is just going to be too crazy for me.

  • Kate

    I have a ticket too, I’ll be on the look out for you!

  • Diane

    I am so jealous! I will be one of the million people being turned away because Grant Park is about to break away from the mainland and drift into the lake.

  • You lucky bastard.

    Have fun 🙂

  • Alex R

    See you there!