The Bad Faith Polls Are Now Open

Voting is now open at the New Humanist Blog for which person you think was the most “scurrilous enemy of reason” over the past year.

Nominees include:

Adnan Oktar
Rowan Williams
Sarah Palin
Cardinal Keith O’Brien
Stephen Green
Ann Coulter
Bishop of Durham
Tony Blair
Prestwich Governors

I guess this means I did cast a ballot for Sarah Palin this election season…

Ew. Now I feel dirty.

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  • The Science Pundit

    It was tough. Part of me wanted to vote for Palin and another part of me wanted to cast my vote for Coulter. But in the end, I had to go with Adnan Oktar (Harrun Yayah).

  • noodleguy

    Methinks Palin is a shoo-in
    That is officially the most horrifying statement I have ever made if viewed out of context.

  • hoverFrog

    It’s not a close vote at all but I’m voting for dear old Tony as a point of solidarity. It isn’t just Americans who can be “nutters” about religion.

  • Richard Wade

    If “most scurrilous enemy of reason” means the one in this rogue’s gallery who has influenced the most people to reject reason, then Adnan Oktar gets my vote. We’re going to have to deal with backward, anti-science Muslims for generations after creationism finally fades away in the West.

    So far Sara Palin is winning, but she’s a lightweight. She’s much more a product of unreason and superstition than a proponent. Her brief moment in the spotlight did little to promote popular irrational thinking. In fact, she exposed it to more public scrutiny.