Separate But Equal Dating

eHarmony hasn’t always been friendly to atheists and gays. It’s like the dating world’s version of the Boy Scouts.

But thanks to a lawsuit, there will now be a gay version of eHarmony. It’s not *on* the same website… but it’ll be run by the company.

It all makes perfect sense…:

The settlement is the result of a complaint New Jersey resident Eric McKinley filed against the online matchmaker in 2005. McKinley, 46, said he was shocked when he tried to sign up for the dating site but couldn’t get past the first screen because there was no option for men seeking men.

“It’s very frustrating and it’s very humiliating to think that other people can do it and I can’t,” he said. “And the only reason I can’t is because I’m a gay man. That’s very hurtful.”

Neither the company nor its founder, Neil Clark Warren, acknowledged any liability. Under the settlement, eHarmony will pay New Jersey state division $50,000 to cover administrative costs and will pay McKinley $5,000.

Pasadena, Calif.-based eHarmony said it plans to launch its new service, called Compatible Partners, on March 31.

Of course, the more popular and better-known eHarmony site will have nothing to do with those evil gays.

The founder himself said this about why his company doesn’t allow for same-sex dating a few years ago:

… But Warren says eHarmony promotes heterosexual marriage, about which he has done extensive research. He says he does not know enough about gay and lesbian relationships to do same-sex matching.

It “calls for some very careful thinking. Very careful research.” He adds that same-sex marriage is illegal in most states. “We don’t really want to participate in something that’s illegal.”

I didn’t realize eHarmony gave away marriage licenses.

Seems like the smarter option is to just say no to the new site (and eHarmony in general) and pay for services at a place that doesn’t practice discrimination.

(via Pam’s House Blend)

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