There Probably Isn’t

In response to the Atheist Bus Campaign in Britain, a Christian pastor created There Probably Is — a website which seeks out testimonials from those who have been Saved.

In response to that site, an atheist has created a clone site called There Probably Isn’t.

Feel free to add your own atheist testimonial!

There are already a lot of interesting personal stories on the site!

(Thanks to Mark for the link!)

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  • I have both testimonies. I was saved and years later I became an atheist. Which story should I post? Ha.

  • Richard Wade

    “There Probably Is”?? Well, that’s certainly an improvement from “There Definitely Is, So Shut the Hell Up.”

    I think we’re making progress.

  • hmmm, I’ll be sending my story. I wonder where the theme of the website came from, since they are both identical. Clean theme. I’d like to make one on the subject of free-will. Like, “There Probably Isn’t…free-will.”

  • kourou

    Had a look at the Christian website – the testimonies seem to be what you’d expect. “I know God is real because…my parents introducd me to him, I feel him in my life, he got me off drugs…”
    Aren’t Christians embarrassed at only being able to post things like this?

  • I noticed that too kourou.

  • Check out my two submission! One to both of them! – There probably isn’t!