A Newtonian Christmas/Birthday Card

Here’s yet another wonderful card to give those atheist friends this Winter :)

You can buy them at Powers Media.

(Thanks to Paul for the link!)

  • http://noodleguy.wordpress.com noodleguy

    Hey, my dog was born on Dec 25th too. And I’m pretty sure he’s an atheist, although he hasn’t told me this. Yeah, I want to start that debate up again 😛 Not really.

    Anyway, I’m not SO sure this is a great thing to send atheist friends. Newton was actually a theologian more than he was a physicist. It sounds wacky, I know, but physics was kind of a phase for him…he preferred studying the Bible.

    And he was a total nutjob and a jerk >_<

    But I love him dearly for his physics nonetheless, oh I do. You can be totally insane and it is forgivable for being that brilliant.

  • Miko

    Love it. Unfortunately, he was only born on Dec 25 in the Julian calendar. When we moved to the Gregorian calendar, his birthday changed to Jan 4.

  • http://www.drzach.net Zachary Moore

    There’s also this one being offered by the North Texas Church of Freethought… if you just want to recognize the “reason for the season” itself.

  • Dave Haaz-Baroque

    Cab Calloway was also born on December 25th… Every year I always vow to get a group together to go ‘Cabmas caroling’, wherein we’d go from door to door singing ‘Minnie the Moocher.’

  • http://skepticsplay.blogspot.com/ miller

    I bet this would make a LaRouchian flip out. :)

  • http://www.otmatheist.com hoverFrog

    Humphrey Bogart was also born on December 25th.