War with the Otters

It’s true on so many levels:

In case you have no idea what the reference is all about…

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  • stogoe

    I agree.

    …If “War with the otters” can mean both a)”armed conflict waged against the otters” and b)”armed conflict waged in cooperation with the otters” at the same time.

    I mean, I know which side I’m picking, and it ain’t yours, you freaky hairless apes.

  • http://starseyer.blogspot.com Mikayla

    I thought that war was not about atheism, but about the humans cutting down trees to make tables when they should be eating off their bellies like the otters do…

    Well, it’s one thing or another :)

  • http://brandonazz.blogspot.com/ Brandonazz

    The entire was was about what the atheists should call their organization.

    It was The Ultimate Question. XD

  • MH

    That South Park was totally crude and a complete riot.

  • http://www.americanatheistsassociation.com ParallaxView

    I’ve been to the national American Atheists convention a couple of times.

    I am an Atheist myself.

    I believe the point Tray and Matt were trying to make here is it’s human nature to go to war. Evolution dictates “survival of the fittest” and that’s usually not pleasant.

    People can use religion as an excuse to kill, but they can also use superiority in any form as an excuse to kill off their competition. Humans always try to rationalize everything.