Walmart Price FAIL

The question is: Will a Christian actually buy one now?:

Also, how come Satan is naked while Jesus gets a t-shirt…?

(Thanks to Rose for the link!)

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  • llewellly

    Satan is naked because nudity is evil.

  • Hahaha! Are they t-shirts, or thick-cut chips/fries?

  • Maybe if God had only clothed Satan he would be a nice angel again.

  • Zar

    Wal-Mart lived up to its beastly mark today. Some poor employee got trampled to death in a Black Friday stampede. And a pregnant woman in the crowd miscarried. So horrible.

  • J. J. Ramsey

    I wonder if it was really accidental, or if someone setting the prices was just feeling puckish.

  • Jen

    That is the dumbest shirt I ever seen. It belongs in Rapture Ready!

  • Would it not be hilarious to see a full grown adult wearing the shirt on the left? As compared to how eerie and disheartening it would be to see a child wearing it?