Sponsor an Atheist Santa!

A few atheists from Minnesota are taking part in the 3rd Annual Santa Run to benefit Mid Minnesota Legal Assistance this Saturday.

The money raised goes to benefit low income and disabled Minnesotans’ access to civil law assistance.

You can help them out by donating here.

Do you know other atheists banding together to raise money for charity this winter?

(via Minnesota Atheists)

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  • http://www.limetwists.com Cole

    Its not a charity, necessarily.. but I am an atheist and I run an online parenting/pregnancy support community where we are doing a “Santa’s Helpers” program for members that are experiencing hard times. Several families have volunteered to shop for (and then ship) Christmas/Hannakuh presents to several other families. Its our first year attempting something like this, and so far – it’s going very well.