Bet you can’t have just one.

The background music just makes it all the better.

I love when atheists bake cookies :)

I’ll be adding this to my Christmas wish list. Which you will all see soon.

(Thanks to Anna for the link!)

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  • Neece

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! These are AWESOME!
    I would love to see some with pink frosting. I could see bringing these to a baby shower. No! I didn’t say that! Ok, just for christmas, or easter dinner?
    Love it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Sabayon

    So, is it wrong that I think bringing these to a baby shower is the best idea ever?

  • RobL

    There is a permanent contingency of Uber-Christians protesting out in front of the Planned Parenthood office up the street from my building. I would cook up a batch of these and present them to the protesters in a gift wrapped box if I didn’t think I would end up on the local 6pm news for doing it. Too chicken, but the thought of doing it is amusing.