Religion and Freethinkers on Postage Stamps

For those fans of philately out there, Joe Zamecki of American Atheists has put together a video featuring stamps endorsing religion — along with some which feature famous freethinkers. There’s a nice clip of Madalyn Murray O’Hair in there as well:

Somehow, none of these made the list.

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  • writerdd

    Gotta envy those Brits having Darwin on their money and all….

  • TXatheist

    Good job Joe

  • Wet Mogwai

    I don’t know what Madeline was talking about.
    “Experiment P” is listed in the flight log of Apollo 8 as “Experiment P-1.” The text on the stamp was not in the log. It was just the first prayer led from space, which is bad in its own way. We spent millions of dollars for someone to go up and pray near the moon. It was not a scripture quote.


    The relevant part is between 074:45:50 and 074:50:42.

    The mission cost $310 million in 1968. The mission lasted 6 days and 3 hours. Experiment P-1 lasted just under 5 minutes. That prayer cost approximately $175,737. says that is $1,036,686.00 when adjusted for inflation to 2007. I don’t know for sure, but I’d say that is probably the most expensive single prayer in history.

  • Joe

    That’s nothing compared to the $50M crap he took.