Progressive Radio and Independent Theater Offer Christmas Gift to Atheists

They’re not marketing it as such, but WVKO (Ohio’s Progressive Talk radio) celebrated their 1-year anniversary yesterday along with the help of Studio 35 in Columbus, Ohio by offering a free viewing of Bill Maher‘s movie Religulous.

(That would’ve been a fun crowd to watch the movie with…)

Reader John didn’t know this was going on.

He just drove past the theater and saw this marquee:

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing — He told his friend to pull over just so they could take the picture.

A free movie promoting the rational outlook? You don’t see that very often. You never know — it could’ve just been a mirage.

Anyway, here’s hoping a random passer-by saw the same marquee and decided to find out just what this “atheism” thing is all about…

(Thanks to John for the link!)

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  • Josh

    The things we see when we go for midnight snack food runs.

  • Bob

    Has anyone else stumbled across the new format/programming that they have on 1680 AM in Grand Rapids? I was flipping through my radio and planned on reminiscing to a little Radio Disney, which has apparently been replaced. Anyway, it is now billing itself as Public Reality Radio. I only got a chance to listen for a little bit, but they announced a URL as I checked out their site, and there is some interesting programming that they have. If anyone else has listened to this, I would love to hear some opinions, and if you haven’t heard it yet, I would give it a listen. I was particularly fond of “The Infidel Guy”.