PrayerMAX 5000

It’s the Prosperity Gospel taken to a whole new level…

Edward Current strikes again.

(Thanks to Debbie for the link!)

"Yes, except for the 'trip over the body' lighting that's pretty impressive!"

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  • MH

    That was a riot. The next time they’re discussing the efficacy of prayer or prosperity gospel on Beliefnet I will have to post a link to that one.

  • Amanda

    Edward Current is so funny. Thanks for posting.

  • ollie

    The video prior to this one (where he talks about the Prayer-Max for the first time) is just as funny, if not funnier. :)

  • PrimeNumbers

    LOL. What a great joke, especially the errection and Catholic small-print.

  • Gabriel

    Shouldn’t it be 6 payments of $111.00?